What Am I Reading?

I’m so behind on doing this post because I’ve either been reading or writing, however, here is my planned reading list for the next week!

Lust, Money & Murder, Book 5 – On Russian Soil: The Undercover Hunt for an International Criminal,

by Mike Wells

Published: November 26, 2014

lust 5

Synopsis: When criminal mastermind Giorgio Cattoretti successfully pulls off the largest art heist in history–the spectacular theft of 15 Picasso paintings from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia–U.S Secret Service Agent Elaine Brogan is sent there on a dangerous undercover mission to capture Cattoretti before the Russians do.




Bloodstained Heart: Part 1 – Passion, by Audrina Lane

Publisher: Audrina Lane; 1 edition; July 8, 2016


Synopsis: Meet Felicity, a seventeen-year-old on the brink of adulthood. Abandoned as a child by her father she watches as men come and go before her mother meets and marries Malcolm. He is a rich, powerful and dangerous and up roots Felicity from the inner city to the suburbs of London. Felicity tries to fit in but senses that her step-father is being more than just friendly towards her. Then on a family holiday with her step-brother Tony she falls in love with him. Does an eighteen-year-old stand a chance with a twenty-four-year-old or is she playing with fire?

Things take a turn at Tony’s 25th Birthday party and this becomes the defining point in Felicity’s life as she vows never to love or trust a man again. Will she take her revenge?

The exciting first part of the story “Bloodstained Heart, Part 1 – Passion” runs from 1978 to 1993 as Felicity grows up to make her plans for revenge.

Cabin by the Lake, by Desiree Douglas

Published: June 24, 1016

cabin by the lake

Synopsis: Is it really possible to start over in life when mistakes from the past continue to haunt? This heartwarming story of a second chance for love, both for Lydia and her widowed aunt who has reluctantly taken her in, grabs the reader from the first page.

A bonfire is lit when she moves to her aunt’s lake house in rural Georgia in need of a fresh start. There she meets hunky backpacker, Mike Rodgers, seeking shelter from a storm. As lightning flashes, so does their chemistry. A man is the last thing Lydia needs in her life, but working alongside Mike to renovate an old guest cabin, the two are drawn together with an irresistible pull.

In the woods nearby, someone is watching–and waiting. When she realizes that her past has caught up to her, Lydia knows she has to leave to protect her aunt, and keep Mike from learning her history! Little does she know that Mr. Perfect has secrets of his own…


Purple Moon, by Tessa Emily Hall

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas; April 21, 2016

purple moon

Synopsis: Her dad kicked Selena and her mom out of the house. Now she finally has a chance for a new beginning for Selena. Except that she has to spend the summer with her snobby cousin in Lake Lure, NC while her mom gets help in a rehab facility. When Selena gains the attention of the cute neighbor next door she thinks her summer might turn out pretty good. But when her best friend back home betrays her and reveals things about Selena no one should know, she becomes the target of nasty pranks.

Facing the scars from her past and pressure from new friends, Selena must decide if she can you be her true self when everyone wants her to be someone else.


Back to Bayou Sabine: A Novella, by Lauren Faulkenberry

Publisher: Velvet Morning Press; November 23, 2015


Synopsis: Voodoo, family secrets, and a mysterious stranger…

When Enza Parker’s mother abandoned her and her father fifteen years ago, Enza abruptly stopped spending summers with her grandmother in Louisiana. Her father removed all traces of the two women from Enza’s life.

Now, thirty-one-year-old Enza is drawn back to Bayou Sabine to attend her grandmother’s funeral. In the bayou, memories surge forth, and questions about her past and her family’s intentions flood Enza’s mind. And an encounter with an enigmatic young man offers a hint of what her future may bring—if she doesn’t turn her back on her roots.


Remember that I frequently move things around and change by mind, but this is my plan for the week! Let me know if you have any recommendations to add to my list! Happy reading!


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