Book Review: Clipper Beach

“Clipper Beach” a Cape Harriet Novella,

by Roma Brooks

Published: May 1, 2016

clipperSynopsis: Clipper Beach, a contemporary romance novella by a debut author, takes you to the small seaside town of Cape Harriet, and the luxurious Rising Tides Inn.

A haughty Wall Street executive faces a tough decision that will affect her life. She arrives at the Rising Tides Inn for a brief vacation. James is a handsome, enigmatic guest at the inn whose unpredictable behavior puts Sandhya on edge.

Both are imprisoned by their past and are drawn to each other in spite of a mutual hesitation to get involved.

Pete and Zadie Strathmore are proud owners of the Rising Tides Inn. Their hospitality extends beyond catering to their guests’ physical comforts. They go the extra mile to pamper their souls.

Welcome to Cape Harriet, a charming seaside community where you can slow down and breathe in the salty breeze, and smell the roses.

“Clipper Beach,” by Roma Brooks is a quick beach read with a bit of mystery and romance. Sandhya takes a vacation to the Rising Tides Inn in Cape Harriet for some soul-searching over an upcoming decision. While at Pete and Zadie’s Inn, she meets the handsome James who is hot and cold and keeps her guessing what his story is. During her stay, Sandhya gets to know Pete and Zadie, as well as Zadie’s incredible sounding meals, but also spends time with James trying to learn more about him. Cape Harriet is a beautiful, small seaside town, but Sandhya soon learns the heartbreaking history of the town, the Inn, and Zadie’s ancestors.

I was not blown away by “Clipper Beach,” but I did enjoy the novel and the characters. The Rising Tides Inn and Cape Harriet seem like perfect, magical places that I would love to visit. If Zadie is even remotely based on a real chef or innkeeper, then the author must reveal their identity so that I can get some of the deliciously described food in this story! I tried to like and identify with Sandhya, but it was difficult. I struggled to even imagine what her character looked like, but I did respect her intelligence and drive concerning her career. James was challenging because one minute he was sweet and funny, but then he was fuming and throwing things and having temper tantrums. For some reason, the two characters seemed to work as a potential couple if he can get control of his emotions.

Again, “Clipper Beach” is a light summer read that is entertaining and takes place in a dreamy setting. Roma Brooks use of imagery and vivid descriptions will transport you to Cape Harriet and make you feel as if you are vacationing at the Inn. I look forward to learning more about James and Sandhya and reading the next installment, “Wicked Summer!”

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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