Books Review: Freaksville




Synopsis: Welcome to Westera, here you’ll find the most amazing views. This is the mountains, of course. If you look to your left you’ll find a nice couple cuddling on the park bench. It is chilly today, oh, wait…why is there blood coming from her neck?

Yes, here in Westera you do get those interesting views of the beautiful landscape. The waterfalls, the nice people. It’s a wonderful place to reside.

What most people don’t know is…that it’s also where the freaks reside.

Hello all, my name is Nessa and I’m a witch. My friends are vampires. We’re not evil, at least I’m pretty sure we’re not. And I do like people…for the most part.

So this was a very different book for me, but I’m definitely glad that I read “Freaksville,” by Ashley Brooke Robbins! This story is primarily about a teenage girl Nessa who is a witch, and her mom is also a witch. All of her friends are boys and most of them are vampires. She has a group of guys that she’s been friends with forever, and has recently befriended a new guy at school, Devin, who is also a vampire. Nessa is a hilarious character! She is one of those different, quirky girls that doesn’t care at all about impressing others or being different. Not long into the story, Nessa starts to change in various ways and then a new variety of freaky things start to happen in this odd little town. At first, her old friends won’t accept her new friend, Devin, but once weird things keep happening, everyone tries to work together to figure out what’s going on. My favorite thing about this novel is Nessa and her endless smartass comments. She is the queen of one-liners, as well as, getting the last word. Even when things are at their strangest or scariest, Nessa maintains a fantastic attitude and sense of humor about everything.

Parts of the novel got confusing to me and sometimes, they were actually silly, but overall this was a quick, entertaining read. Don’t be fooled by the synopsis that this is some cheesy vampire romance because it is unlike anything I’ve read before. Robbins has blended the perfect mix of paranormal, fantasy, romance, and humor resulting in a fun, light-hearted read. Check this one out if you are a teen/paranormal fan! I think we’ll see incredible things in the future from this talented and unique author.

Learn more about Ashley Brooke Robbins by visiting her web page!

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.





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