Book Review: Closer to the Heart

“Closer to the Heart” (The Heart Trilogy Book 3), by Audrina Lane

Publisher: Audrina Lane; 1 edition; September 30, 2015

closer to the heart

Yes, I am sad… Audrina Lane’s Heart Trilogy has come to an end which is very sad because I’ve become so invested in these characters over the past few weeks! “Closer to the Heart” is the final novel in Audrina Lane’s Heart Trilogy with James, Stephanie, Mitch, and Charlotte. This was definitely the most complex, suspenseful and emotional of the three installments in the trilogy, but unfortunately, there isn’t very much I can say about the plot without giving spoilers. James and Stephanie are continuing planning their wedding a honeymoon in New Zealand to visit Stephanie’s parents. Charlotte is trying to carry on and getting back into dancing without Mitch. Zach is a lot more prevalent in this installment, as well as, someone from his past. There are also several new changes for Sarah, Chris, and Jack. Again, there is so much going on in this book that I can’t really get into it, but I flew through it, once again completely sucked into all of their lives and wondering how things would work out.

One of my favorite things about Audrina Lane is the characters that she creates, and how much they love and support each other (except Felicity). If you weren’t crazy about Zach in the previous book, he will grow on you much more during this one, showing a much more sensitive side. Stephanie has her own personal battles dealing with an ill parent, in addition to everything else that has gone on thanks to Felicity. My heart broke for James throughout much of this novel, but he still maintained his sweet, loving nature.

The most moving, and somewhat overwhelming part of the novel is the ending. At first, I was a bit aggravated, for selfish reasons, because I felt that this story could be carried on perhaps focusing on someone other than James and Stephanie, but I still loved the entire book and series from beginning to end. The ending was absolutely perfect, in spite of the circumstances. Lane wraps up an amazing love story between James and Stephanie, making you truly believe that we all have our one true love out there, and leaves you feeling happy and hopeful for their children and network of close friends. I absolutely loved this novel, as well as, the other two. My only disappointment is that they have ended. This is a must-read series if you have not yet checked it out!

Learn more about the author and download her books by visiting her website!

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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