Book Review: Surrender to You



Surrender to you

Today I’m reviewing “Surrender to You” by Shawntelle Madison, the second novel in her At Your Service series (but stand-alone). This is the story of Carlie and Tomas, who met when they were teenagers and have occasionally remained in each others’ lives strictly as a booty call. Tomas is a super-wealthy hotel tycoon and Carlie owns a concierge business in England. Here is where I get a little confused. Tomas is in Boston to sell one of his hotels and Carlie comes to town and begins working in one of his hotels. I initially thought she was there for business of her own, but I guess it was to look for her parents who had given her up for adoption. The reason I say I’m confused is this… Early after her arrival in Boston, there is a flashback to when Carlie and Tomas met. Then you get to the part of her getting a job in one of his hotels, etc. I thought that she had gotten that job many years ago, but I was wrong, we were back to present time. Anyhow, Tomas and Carlie are in love but do not admit it to one another. Carlie is famous for hooking up with Tomas and then running away, trying to avoid anything heavy. While working in his hotel she meets someone to help her find her mother, and occasionally hooks up with Tomas while constantly stressing over and hiding the fact that she has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and needs a gluten-free diet.

So, I liked Tomas from beginning to end. He’s rich, handsome, loves Carlie, and only wants to be there for her and be with her. Carlie, however, has few redeeming qualities. Not belittling Celiac Disease, but she hides it as if she’s been diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. I didn’t understand why she had to keep this such a secret from her best friends and the man she loves. It was like an ongoing pity party that got very tiring. Secondly, her weird tribute to her Dad was odd and awkward. Finally, I find out weird that her feelings towards Tomas and a relationship could change at the snap of a finger. Maybe her character just wasn’t developed as much as it could have been, but I was just left with the feeling that I had no idea who Carlie was.

I enjoyed the overall plot of the novel and was very engaged while reading it, but definitely not a favorite of mine. With so much going on with Carlie and so much that the readers didn’t learn, I think that their story should have been stretched into more than one novel so the reader could learn more about the characters. Their story kind of dragged on throughout the novel in then in the final chapter you’re hit with all of these conclusions you never saw coming. This is a great book if you just want a quick, steamy romance novel, but it isn’t an amazing literary masterpiece.

Visit Shawntelle Madison’s website to learn more about the author.

*Disclaimer: I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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