Book Review: Summer of Love

“Summer of Love: A beautiful, romantic story to escape into this summer,” by Katie Fforde

Publisher: Bookouture; July 8, 2016

summer of love

Synopsis: Sian Bishop has left the hustle and bustle of the city to throw herself into an idyllic new life in a charming countryside cottage. With her young son, her picture-postcard garden and her furniture restoration business, she’s very happy and very busy. She is not – repeat not – looking for love. But Sian’s good intentions are torpedoed one glorious summer’s evening with the arrival of Gus Berresford. One-time explorer and full-time heartbreaker, Gus is ridiculously exciting, wonderfully glamorous and a completely inappropriate love interest for a single mother. But she and Gus have met before. And, despite Sian’s best intentions, it isn’t long before she’s falling for him all over again …

I just finished Katie Fforde’s latest novel, “Summer of Love,” which has truly turned out to be a great summer read. Sian and her son Rory have just moved into a country cottage, where Sian befriends a neighbor, Fiona. They become instant buddies helping each other out with cooking, parties, and sorting through furniture and belongings. Sian moved there with the help of a friend Richard who is a kind, wealthy businessman wanting to be much more than friends with Sian (although she doesn’t think she wants that). Anyway, Sian and her young son are settling in nicely and everything is going great until Fiona’s son, Gus, shows up at one of Fiona’s dinner parties. It’s immediately obvious that they know each other, and soon everything is different. First, I liked all of the characters in this novel, except for Melissa (you will see why when you read). Sian is beautiful, smart, talented, giving, and a wonderful mother. Gus is handsome and mysterious, but also intelligent, caring, and great with kids. Fiona is also wonderful as both a friend and a mother, and is absolutely hilarious at times trying to re-enter the dating world!

This novel is fairly predictable and there aren’t many suspenseful moments. There is some conflict but ends up being resolved nicely. “Summer of Love” is the epitome of a feel-good romance. If you want a book that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy at the end, then this is definitely for you. I thought it started out a little slowly, but I quickly found myself engaged in this novel and what would happen with the characters. There are some great moments and then there are moments that are nothing short of aggravating, but as I’ve said before, I think it’s a credit to the author when I can get this frustrated with some of the characters. I wish we could have learned more about both Sian and Gus, but overall, this was an easy and pleasant read that I enjoyed!

Want to learn more about the author? Visit Katie Fforde’s web page to check out her other books!

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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