Book Review: Pieced Together

“Pieced Together,” by Kelly Moore

Broken Pieces Series, Book 2

Publisher: Smashwords; March 29, 2016


Synopsis: Kyren couldn’t get over killing Brogan’s father, even though he did it to save her. The demons of his own past took control, and he left her when she needed him most. In the aftermath of their agonizing breakup, Kyren and Brogan sought healing on very different paths. She moved to a remote island in Maine and started a new life, while he isolated himself on his yacht, and almost drowned in booze and guilt. After three long years, they’re each in a good place. Neither can forget the intense, passionate love they shared, but they’re both sure it’s over for good. Too much time has passed. There’s too much old hurt.

Fate intervenes, however, and places Kyren on Brogan’s doorstep. For both of them, it’s like they were never apart. His body craves hers, and she immediately longs to submit to his magnetism. Brogan is terrified of giving in to their passion. Can he be the man she needs him to be? Will he break her heart again? She’s not the same person she was back then. She’s stronger, and she has a big secret. Has he learned from his own demons? And most importantly, when she comes clean, will he be able to handle the truth?

My reviews are all out-of-order this week! I posted a review yesterday for “Broken Pieces,” by Kelly Moore, and enjoyed it so much, I went ahead and read “Pieced Together,” the second in this series. I mentioned that I was shocked by the ending, so I had to start the next one to find out what happened next! Also – I always try to avoid spoilers but if you plan on reading this series and haven’t read the first one yet, you may want to skip this review. FYI, it’s good.  If you enjoy the first one, definitely read the second one. Now, moving on.

“Pieced Together” catches up with Brogan, Kyren, Zack, and Cady three years after “Broken Pieces” ended. Brogan and her family have all moved to a coastal town in Maine to start over. The small village did not have any medical care, so Brogan has established a practice as the only Nurse practitioner on the island. Guess who has also come to the area and docked his yacht while working on a dream yacht for a client? Yes, Kyren is unknowingly in the same place as Brogan. Kyren meets Jake (a close friend of Brogan’s) and helps Jake do repairs to his engine, but when he is injured and needs stitches, he finds himself sitting in the waiting room of Brogan’s practice. Seeing each other for the first time in three years, there is a great deal of anger and resentment, but they both also immediately feel the chemistry and love between them from before. After seeing Brogan again, Kyren just won’t stay away and won’t take no for an answer as he tries to win back her heart and get back into her life, and eventually, Brogan begins to cave. Here is where I had an issue with this story. Brogan has a secret (a huge secret) that she needs to tell Kyren, but keeps putting it off. I understand feeling anxious about telling something someone after three years, but it bothered me that she starts running off on dates with him all over the place and doesn’t immediately tell him. With that being said, I love them both for the remainder of the novel. One thing I enjoyed about this novel is seeing Kyren and Brogan taking on such different roles and going through so many changes, yet still keeping sight of what initially attracted them to each other.

One thing I enjoyed about this novel is seeing Kyren and Brogan taking on such different roles and going through so many changes, yet still keeping sight of what initially attracted them to each other. The conclusion of the first novel made me question whether or not Kyren really loved her, or if it was the chemistry and steamy sex between them. However, author Kelly Moore exposes more layers of Kyren in this second novel, revealing a lot more depth and commitment. Once again Moore has created a page-turner, but without the dark undertones in “Broken Pieces.” The last chapter was surprising due to the shifts in the direction of this series, making me wonder if the reader wasn’t a bit cheated out on more about Kyren and Brogan’s relationship. Nevertheless, I truly look forward to the next novel in this series and much more from this fantastic author.

Don’t forget to visit the author’s webpage to learn more about her and her writing!

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this e-book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.


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