Book Review: Fading Memories

“Fading Memories,” by A.M. Willard

Publisher: A.M. Willard; May 30, 2016

fading memories

“Fading Memories” was not on my reading list this week, however, the other day I was trolling around the Kindle store on Amazon, saw this and wanted to read it! I have never read anything by A.M. Willard but so glad that I did! This was the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon sitting out on the deck, and imagining I was actually on Tybee Island watching the waves crashing. This is the story of Isabel Nichols (Izzie), a teacher on summer break that is beginning to redecorate her beach cottage. Izzie has had a heart breaking year of losing her Dad after a long illness and having her fiance Peter break up with her the day of the funeral. She has great friends – Kelsey, Leah, and Joseph – but hasn’t really been herself since everything fell apart at once. Then one day, she has a new neighbor, and this neighbor is incredibly hot, sexy, and sweet! Dakota moves into the cottage next to Izzie and begins shaking up her safe, controlling, heart-broken life. Dakota comes on pretty strong as far as wanting to just hang out and spend time with Izzie, and her friends love him so they keep encouraging his presence, but she is all cranky and impolite about it. Eventually, she softens to Dakota and considers the possibility of falling in love again, but of course, Dakota has something he hasn’t told her, so enter more complications.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t like Izzie at all until about halfway through the novel. Then I started liking her a little bit, then decided I loved her! While reading, I tried to remind myself of the things that had occurred in her life to make her such a bossy, cranky person, but as the story develops, so does Izzie. I loved Dakota from the start except he was somewhat pushy at first, and then you find out what he is keeping from her and sort of wonder why, but otherwise, he’s fantastic. This is not a life-changing read by any means, but is definitely a page-turner and you quickly find yourself invested in the characters and worrying/wondering about the resolution of the story! “Fading Memories” stands out to me as far as romance novels because of the message of letting go of the bad that’s happened in our lives, and how important it is to rebuild yourself and find happiness. People have a tremendous ability to move past heartache and loss when they are ready and willing to let happiness back into their lives. Overall this novel reminds us to be grateful for what we have now and what we have to look forward to in the future. Additionally, it touches a little on soul mates and some things just being meant to be, which I always love. I truly enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading more from A.M. Willard in the future!

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