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where did your heart go

Typically I review things that are advanced or new releases, however, last month I was contacted by the lovely Audrina Lane offering a copy of “Where Did Your Heart Go” in exchange for a review. So now I sit at my computer having finished reading and listening to the playlist for this novel, The Heart Trilogy. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love it when an author provides a song playlist for their novel? Anyway, back to the novel, “Where Did Your Heart Go,” which is such a sweet yet sad story about finding and losing your first love.

Audrina takes us along a journey of reminiscing with her character Stephanie and her teenage daughter, Charlotte. When she comes home crying one day after being dumped by her boyfriend, Stephanie gives her daughter her own diary, detailing her first love and first heartbreak from many years ago, a heartbreak that she never received an explanation. The novel shifts between flashbacks from Stephanie’s diary, to present time moments as a radio DJ, and with her daughter.  Stephanie’s diary tells the story of her and her first love James, as well as, friends Sarah and Chris. Charlotte’s father, Mark, had been killed when she was a baby and the diary doesn’t really give her much insight into who he was. However, through reading her mother’s diary, Charlotte learns a great deal about her mother and James, and also about herself and what she wants for herself and from a relationship. The reader slowly sees Stephanie becoming happy and light-hearted again as Charlotte reads her diary, and Charlotte’s amazing talent as a dancer brings many unexpected surprises and love into her life, as well as, Stephanie’s.

“Where Did Your Heart Go” will propel into your own past remembering how quickly you can become consumed and head over heels with another person as a teenager.  You will find yourself thinking back to the time when you thought you knew everything and that you were destined to a fairy-tale life with your first true love. In reality, most of us do not find our true love until much after our high school years and have to kiss a few frogs before finding our prince (I didn’t meet my prince until I was 38, but worth the wait!), but this novel touches your heart and makes you think that regardless of age or circumstances when two people fall in love, they could truly be destined for each other. Lane also reminds us how bad it hurts when your heart is first broken, and can continue to hurt for long after. As a person that is almost as obsessed with music as books, I loved that this novel tied in so many songs from when James and Stephanie were young, and how revisiting those songs evoked so many feelings in each of them as Charlotte also builds her own connections with her boyfriend Mitch through songs, lyrics, and dance. This novel was a beautiful connection between mother and daughter, with Stephanie trying to assure her daughter that she is not the first to have a broken heart, and with Charlotte trying to help her mother open her heart again. Luckily, there are two more novels in The Heart Trilogy that I anxiously await to reading, so stay tuned for future reviews regarding Audrina Lane.

P.S. The author really, really has a thing for Rick Astley.  And George Michael..  But I’ve enjoyed rocking her playlist while writing this review!

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