Book Review: Mystic Summer

“Mystic Summer,” by Hannah McKinnon

Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books; June 7, 2016

mystic summer

Today was my first time reading Hannah McKinnon, and specifically, her new novel “Mystic Summer.”  This novel was a wonderful, easy, girlie book – that I really enjoyed. “Mystic Summer” introduces us to Maggie Griffin, who is preparing for her best friend’s wedding, finishing up another school year teaching, and getting fired from her beloved job. Maggie is dating an actor named Evan and is otherwise preoccupied with Peyton and Erika as Erika’s wedding day approaches. When Erika’s wedding plans fall through, they decide to move the wedding venue to Mystic, where Maggie and Erika grew up. Once Maggie realizes that her first love, Cam, has moved back home to Mystic with a new baby (and no wife or girlfriend), she begins questioning what she thought she wanted as she reconnects with Cam and grows attached to his daughter.

Hannah McKinnon’s latest novel is the perfect summer read. There are some serious and concerning moments in the storyline, but overall it is a book about friendship, long-lost love, and really looking at what makes you happy in your life.  Maggie is dating Evan, Erika is getting married, Peyton is already married and trying to get pregnant.  All three friends are at such different stages in life, yet still bonded and committed to their friendships. When Maggie and Cam reconnect, she is also enormously aware of the different places they are in life. Evan is a great guy, but early on in the novel, it becomes obvious that there is just a certain something missing in the relationship. McKinnon pulls the reader into following Maggie’s story, emotions, and decisions throughout the novel.  At times, you may find yourself frustrated with Maggie, as well as, a lot of the other characters. “Mystic Summer” is a wonderful journey of looking inward and acknowledging one’s true feelings and dreams. This novel also reminds us that you can get second chances and that even when life gets messy, it can still be wonderful.

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*Disclaimer:  I received an ARC of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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