Book Review: If I Forget You

If I Forget You, by Thomas Christopher Greene

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; June 14, 2016

If I forget you

Have you been searching for something new to read lately?  Something that is romantic, yet realistic, and includes absolutely gorgeous writing?  If I Forget You is the latest novel by Thomas Christopher Greene, and it is fantastic!  Just released today, this novel tells the story of a poet named Henry and his long-lost love, Margot.  Henry and Margot met in college 21 years ago and fell madly, effortlessly in love.  Society, class, and a misunderstanding drove them apart, but do you ever really get over your first love?

Henry and Margot attended the same elite college, but Henry was a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and Margot was from the elite and wealthy. Henry didn’t have big plans to financially conquer the world, but instead became a poet and a Professor.  After 21 years of not seeing one or another or having any communication, Henry sees Margot standing on the street in New York City. Dormant memories and emotions reawaken in Margot, as she sets out to find Henry, who has never stopped loving her.  If I Forget You carries the reader through Margot and Henry first meeting, falling in love, being torn apart, and then searching and longing to rediscover one another.

As you read this novel you will find yourself both loving and hating Margot and Henry at different times.  Green shows the good and bad of each character rather than writing some fairy tale about perfect people. Prepare to feel joy, sadness, and frustration with the characters and events in this novel, but you will be unable to put it down! There’s enough tension and conflict to develop the plot of this novel, but again, it’s nothing unbelievable or exaggerated. Margot has spent her life in basically a loveless marriage and almost experiences an awakening when she first sees Henry again.  I admired the growth and development of her character, as well as, her honesty.  Henry is the dreamy poet that has always wondered “what-if,” has been successful as a poet, but his true love has been teaching and spending time with his daughter. When they do meet again, their worlds are very different, but the oppressed feelings and dreams and desires are still there.

This was my first time reading Thomas Christopher Greene, and I was mesmerized by his writing and beautiful language.  It’s not overly complex, but meaningful and thoughtful writing that makes you fall in love with the characters and the story. This novel makes you truly think about love, marriage, forgotten dreams, and new beginnings.

Want to know more about the author?  Visit his website at:

*Disclaimer:  I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.




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