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Don’t you just love finding a fabulous new author?  An author that you plan on reading everything they publish in the future?  Today I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Chasing Eva, by Camellia Hart – and I am hooked.  This is the first of the In Light of Shadows series, and was a wonderful romance.

Chasing Eva is not your normal romance novel.  It’s smart, funny, suspenseful, and a novel that you will read in one sitting because it’s too good to put down. Evangeline Avery is a chef turned design company executive following her father’s death.  Clive Stanton is also a business exec and supposed playboy.  They are both gorgeous and successful, and shared a first kiss with each other forever ago as teenagers.  After a chance encounter in an elevator, and then a meeting where she realizes he runs the company that is trying to sever ties with her business, they quickly become reacquainted.  Eva has not had much experience, or much luck in the world of relationships, but is working her butt off to do her father proud after taking over the company, and has two best friends, Ali and Izzy.  Clive has had some acquaintances, but never considered a woman his “girlfriend.”  He’s gorgeous, smart, charismatic, and previously was a part of Special Forces and the FBI. Not long after reconnecting with Eva, he learns from FBI connections that they suspect someone in Eva’s company is committing corporate fraud, and tipping off clients to take their business elsewhere. Not only does Clive quickly become smitten with Eva, he also sets out to discover who is trying to sabotage Eva’s business, and make sure that she is safe.

There’s several things about Hart’s writing, and the novel in general, that I love. So many, in fact, I think I need to make a list:)

  • Eva is written to be an incredible, but believable beauty.  She’s not a waif-like skin and bones model type, but has big boobs and a killer body.
  • Eva’s character is very real…  She is driven and creative, but also real and worries about her the future of her father’s long-term business, and worries about normal girl stuff like, “does he really like me?”.
  • Clive is dead sexy, smart, but also caring and honest.  While reading, you are introduced to his siblings and they all appear as wonderful and genuine as he is.
  • There is both romance and suspense (and mystery) in this novel, but they happen very naturally – not like a forced conflict pushed into the story line. None of it seems far-fetched or just stuck into the story for the effect of checking off all the boxes needed in a plot diagram.
  • Neither the conflict or resolution are over-exaggerated…  If Clive and Eva argue and make up, you aren’t like, “Oh my god, really?”  It seems to flow normally like real people 🙂

There’s so much more I loved about Chasing Eva, but those are some main points that make it a unique romance to me.  Hart’s writing flows well and doesn’t leave you unsure about who someone is or their role in the novel. She also doesn’t fluff up the length or the story line with unnecessary “filler” information.  Every word seems to have a distinct purpose to either provide background on characters or to simply keep the story moving forward.  And of course, there are some very hot scenes between Eva and Clive, but again, nothing shocking or unrealistic. I enjoyed this novel tremendously, flew through it, and was bummed when I was done.  I cannot wait for book 2 in this series to continue following Clive and Eva. If you have not yet read Chasing Eva, by Camellia Hart, get your hands on a copy today, sit back, and enjoy.  This is a writer to watch, and I’m sure she will continue to dazzle readers with her future novels!

Want to learn more about Camellia Hart?  Visit her webpage at:

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.




2 thoughts on “Book Review: Chasing Eva

  1. Camellia Hart says:

    Thank you for your AWESOME review of Chasing Eva. Ecstatic that you loved reading my book as much as I’ve loved writing it. What better complement for an author?

    Also, special thanks for promoting my book on your website and over social media. Cannot even begin to tell you how much your support means to me.



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