Book Review: Fooling Around



fooling around

Julie Nelson has just sat with her mother as she died, and is trying to get out of the hospital to begin taking care of the funeral arrangements and figure out what to do next.  However, she ends up stuck in an elevator with Eric, a rich video game developer that is wheelchair bound due to a leg injury. Bossy, grumpy, and good-looking Eric is immediately taken by Julie who doesn’t baby him or fuss over him, and after their meeting in the elevator, he tracks her down with an incredible job offer.  Julie is shocked when Eric calls and offers her 1 million dollars to assist him over the next 3 months, but not fuss over him. Julie always takes care of others and handles all of the family responsibilities, and initially wasn’t interested, but luckily she changes her mind. Fooling Around, by Noelle Adams is a sexy romance, but also demonstrates the benefits of letting down walls and allowing yourself to be happy.

If I’ve said this before, I apologize, but this novel is no great literary masterpiece that will be taught in college English Lit classes. However, it is a fantastic example of a lighthearted romance that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy! This novel is easy to read and is a quick read, without any confusing plot or flashbacks. I wish that Eric’s character was a bit more developed to answer questions about why he is the way he is, and honestly wish that their relationship was more developed also. Julie and Eric both have to let down walls to allow the other in, Eric more so than Julie, but otherwise there isn’t much conflict in the story line. Again, this is a perfect example of a quick romance if you want something uncomplicated that doesn’t leaving you hanging and wondering about the relationship. Noelle Adams’ Fooling Around is an easy romance starring characters that have immediate chemistry, and as you read you will be cheering for them to find love!

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*Disclaimer:  I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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