Book Review: Entanglement

Entanglement, by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

Publisher: Velvet Morning Press, May 31, 2015


Let me being by saying that, yes I read and reviewed these out-of-order.  Silly me saw Pryal’s new release, Chasing Chaos, and read it first…  Then realizing there was a prequel, I had to get it and read!  Katie Rose Guest Pryal has quickly become one of my favorite authors, not only because of her fantastic writing but her funny, quirky personality! She is somewhat like a captured spy, she refuses to divulge any information, forcing her readers to backtrack and read her fabulous books 🙂 Anyhow, Entanglement is the first in a series about Daphne and Greta, two young women that meet in college and become instant BFFs. Daphne has a magnetic personality and charm, is an intelligent Journalism major, and beautiful.  Greta is a brilliant Physics major, very tall, and beautiful in a unique way.  Both girls have had crappy upbringings with their parents, and instantly become each others new family.

Entanglement switches between present day, earlier when Greta first moved to Los Angeles, and also when they first met in college (also with earlier flashbacks with their families). Greta has moved to Los Angeles to live with Daphne and find a job, while Daphne has already gotten settled and found a job with a sleazy guy, Marco.  Daphne helps Greta integrate into the L.A. area, introducing her to co-workers and friends, but Greta always feels somewhat different.  But as Greta starts developing relationships and friendships of her own, Daphne’s behavior changes to almost spooky. Greta is trying to build her life, but Daphne is just, odd….  Characters I love in this novel are Greta, Timmy, and Sandy, (also the little landlord isn’t bad). Characters I do not like are Daphne and Marco. Daphne has been a great friend to Greta and vice versa, and has demonstrated love and friendship many times, but part of friendship is encouraging each other’s growth and achievements in life, which Daphne does not. However, if you look at my review of Chasing Chaos, I loved Daphne and was asking the writer to continue her story, just FYI (remember I read out-of-order!).

Back to the actual writing, Entanglement shines the light on friendship, both the good and the bad.  Yes there is romance and some suspense, but this novel is more about friends, trust, and forgiveness.  This novel touches on moving on from a hurtful family, developing careers, living with what you have at the moment, and experiencing new things, people, and emotions. I cannot say enough about Katie Rose Guest Pryal and her writing. She reels you in from the first paragraph, and you will finish her novels in one sitting because you have to know what’s going to happen next!  Her writing is descriptive and vivid, flows wonderfully, and makes you feel as you are a part of the story. Add Entanglement and the rest of the series to your TBR list and enjoy!

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