Book Review: Nibblers Plus

Nibblers Plus, by Obinna Hendrix

Publisher: Obinna Hendrix; May 2, 2016


Nibblers Plus is a recent science fiction/fantasy novella by author, Obinna Hendrix.  The Nibblers portion takes us into the future to 2050, where some of the humans have transformed into Nibblers that communicate through telekinesis and, unfortunately, like to eat people. There are still some regular humans, such as on of the main characters, Mandy. Other characters involve a sweet, handsome Nibbler named Neb, who eats small animals rather than humans and a trio of siblings that collect bodies to switch into when they are injured or killed. The world is now full of all sorts of clans – human, Nibblers, Changers, Strays, Stragglers, and so on. Mandy is a straggler on her own, trying to survive in this sadistic future world, but her life is just one fight, escape, and struggle after the other. The 3 Shaw siblings (the Changers) are all fairly gross and offensive based on my perceptions, although one of the sisters, Imogen, delivers a fabulous punishment for her husband’s cheating ways! It’s hard to determine if anyone is a good guy, because it seems like each character has some bad points, even if it’s fueled by trying to survive. I applaud the author’s creativity and imagination in the Nibblers portion of the novella. However, I struggled with some of the organization of the plot and the shifts between narrators leaving me feeling that the characters were not as developed as they could have been.  Several times I felt like I was reading 3 or 4 different books at once, which made it challenging to stay engaged.

The second portion of the novella is called Charlie & The Mixiegruff.  A young guy works in the mines and feels basically invisible to everyone.  One night heading home on the train from work, he begins encountering several strange occurrences and people/things/beings. Soon he is hanging out with Zoe, who can kill with the point of her tail, and is taken to one wild place after another.  This boy does everything from run from a giant cyclopig, to escaping 2 human-eating hares, to being kidnapped by human/bee hybrids.  Granted, this is a science fiction/fantasy novella, but honestly I found this portion of the novella silly. Again, I applaud the creativity and there is some exceptional imagery and descriptive writing, but I just wasn’t a fan of this portion. If I were a 12-year-old boy or a young adult taking hallucinogens, then it would probably be really cool.

Overall, if you are a fan of science fiction/fantasy writing, then give Nibblers Plus a chance. Obinna Hendrix demonstrates a tremendous capacity for creative and original writing, especially  in creating unique characters, but it just wasn’t the right novella for me.

*I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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