Book Review: RED: A Love Story

RED-A Love Story-cover

RED: A Love Story, by Nicole Collet

Publisher: Something or Other Publishing, LLC; March 30, 2016

Author Nicole Collet has a long history involving language, including: Chinese, French, Portuguese, and English. The moment you being reading her novel, RED: A Love Story, it is impossible to ignore her love and grasp of language and beautiful words.  Collet’s debut novel is part romance, part erotica and weaves a fabulous tale of love and self-discovery.

Marisa is 18 years old and finishing high school in Brazil, and becomes completely enamored when Marco becomes her new literature teacher. Marco is 29, divorced, handsome, and shares Marisa’s passion for words and literature. As suspected, it doesn’t take long until they can no longer fight the chemistry between them, despite the obstacles to their relationship. Marisa soon discovers that not only do they share a passion for language, they also share a passion for acting out erotic fantasies.  This is what makes this such a unique story of a young woman falling in love and coming of age – Marisa is just as fascinated with exploring sexual fantasies as Marco, and as they explore one another, the bond between them deepens. Yes, there are times when I wasn’t happy while reading this, but only because things were not going how I wanted, lol!  But what is a good novel without conflict and suspense??

Moving on, because I don’t like to or want to include any spoilers, this is truly not a typical romance/erotica novel.  Each of Collet’s characters are unique and complex in their own way, some are likable, others are not! A wonderful thing about Marisa and her best friend Valentina, is that they are so incredibly intelligent! Sexual fantasy exploration or not, the author did a beautiful job portraying both of these young women as smart, attractive, and extremely well-read. While reading this novel, you will experience romance, humor, steamy love scenes, anger, sadness, and suspense.  However, the beautiful writing and language is what will make you want to read this in one sitting and not stop until the last page. Keep in mind, also, that the author wrote this novel in both English and Portuguese, which makes it even more amazing.  To say that I love this novel, is an enormous understatement.  The characters, the plot, the writing style, and the language all left me wanting more from this author and has me very excited to read RED 2 when published. If you are looking for a fresh, new author to try – read Nicole Collet’s RED: A Love Story.  Be prepared to fall in love with the author and this amazing story.

Want to learn more about Nicole Collet?  Visit her webpage at:

*I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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