Book Review: Traveler’s Hot L


Traveler’s Hot L, by C.R. Downing

Publisher: Koehler Books; March 15, 2014

If someone were to ask me if I were a science fiction/fantasy fan, I would typically reply with “not really,” or “it’s ok.”  However, today I had the pleasure of reading C.R. Downing’s Traveler’s Hot L, and discovered that I am a sci-fi fan after all!

This novel is a compilation of 8 chapters (short stories) centering around the Traveler’s Hot L and the concept of time travel. Each of the stories is different, and contains characters travelling through time for very different reasons.  The characters common to all of the stories are Chronos and Eternity, who manage/own the Hot L, and prepare the travelers prior to departure and assist them upon return.  Other common characters to all of the stories are Enoch, Tempus, and a man in the mist, who basically work at ensuring that there are no wrinkles in time, and also provide opportunities, or quests, for people to visit other time periods to correct various issues.

I certainly don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun in reading this novel, but there is an incredible variety in characters and plot in each of the chapters.  They range from going back to solve crimes, a simple vacation back in time, counterfeiting money, to ensuring that a child is conceived and a bloodline is carried on.  This novel is unique in that each of the stories is so different from the other, yet there are commonalities which provide the reader with a smooth transition from story to story.  As I read through this novel, I found myself excited to find out what the next story would be, and was genuinely disappointed once I realized I had finished them all.

C.R. Downing is a creative and amazing storyteller that knows how to draw in the reader and keep them wanting more.  Knowing that Downing spent most of his life as a teacher, I can imagine him sharing stories with his students, gaining their attention and respect because of his imagination and animation.  Anyone that is presently a sci-fi fan should absolutely pick this novel up, it will not disappoint!  For those of you, like myself, that wouldn’t normally choose a sci-fi novel to read – give this a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.  I can now officially refer to myself as a fan of science fiction, and look forward to reading more of C.R. Downing in the very near future!

Want to know more about the author?  Visit:

*I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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