Book Review: Another Summer

another summer

Another Summer, by Sue Lilley

Published December 19, 2014

Imagine you are at home one day and need to reach your husband for something, and when you call his office, you learn that he has not been employed there for a month, although he has gotten dressed and left every morning? This is how Another Summer begins, with Evie discovering that her husband has been pretending to go to work everyday, thus prompting her to retreat to her grandmother’s remote seaside cottage.  Once Evie disappears to the cottage, we learn the story of her and her (cheating, indifferent) husband Joe, and how they came to be a married couple, and all of the ways that he failed her as a husband.  Luckily, upon arriving at her grandmother’s cottage, Evie meets the sexy, charismatic Jake. But even Jake is lacking in solid qualities, seeming he’s main priority is sex. I initially thought Jake was a very appealing character, however, as the story progressed, I just had a picture in my mind of a young man just wanting to get laid.  Granted, Jake did provide somewhat of an awakening for Evie, making her realize there was so much more out there than her lying, cheating husband, but still I did not pick up on sincere intentions. When Joe discovers that Evie has taken off to the cottage, he realizes that she must have discovered that he is unemployed, but even on the way to try to fess up and make up with his wife, he is side-tracked by a young, pregnant girl that puts the moves on strong, and he somewhat reciprocates.  Eventually the story line includes Joe’s discoveries of his wife’s recent activities, a disaster, and recovery. What I do not understand, however, are Evie’s decisions about their lives and marriage.

At first I was drawn into this novel and was eager to continue through it to discover what would happen.  I enjoyed Lilley’s writing style and found it eloquent, classy, but easy to relate to.  However, I think that the plot, climax, and ending of this novel just didn’t set well with me because of my own beliefs and values. Evie’s husband, Joe, is not a good person throughout the entire novel, and in my opinion, should have been discarded, despite marital vows.  Evie’s quickness and ease to forgive him sends a negative message to young women, in  my opinion, demonstrating that a man has the right to cheat and lie but when he’s sorry, one must forgive.  Again, I loved the author’s writing style and initially had high hopes for this novel, but it just wasn’t my style.  I am all for writing in villains or unlikable characters, but Joe was not worthy of anyone’s time or love, much less forgiveness.

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*I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review from Reading Deals.


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