Review: Chasing Chaos: A Novel

Chasing Chaos: A Novel, by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

Publisher: Velvet Morning Press; June 6, 2016

Typically after I read a novel, I wait a few hours or until the next day before I write my review.  However, I am so incredibly fired-up about this novel and this author, I did not want to wait! This is my first time having the pleasure to read anything from Katie Rose Guest Pryal, and her upcoming novel, Chasing Chaos, did not disappoint! Let me begin by warning you though, if you have not read Entanglement, you may get a wee bit frustrated like myself.  This novel can be read as a stand-alone, but I do wish I would have read (or even known about) Entanglement prior to reading Chasing Chaos.

This novel focuses on the beautiful, intelligent Daphne, a screenwriter living in L.A., who is at times promiscuous and trying to break up with her boyfriend. Daphne’s dearest friend is Greta (who becomes engaged to Timmy), and they are all friends with a famous Hollywood actor, Sandy.  As Daphne and Sandy begin planning Greta’s wedding, Daphne begins spending more time with Marlon, whom is Sandy’s assistant. I am trying not to drop too many names, but these are your major players in the novel.  There are also: Miranda (old college buddy of Daphne and Greta), Carrie (works at Greta’s restaurant and Marlon’s cousin/sibling), Dan (Daphne’s ex), and John (previous one night stand). Now that the cast of characters is out of the way, this is an incredible novel! Daphne has obvious guilt and self-blame issues that haunt her, but you quickly learn that Daphne will do back flips for anyone that she truly cares about.  Although warned about Daphne’s potential to hurt him, Marlon becomes interested in Daphne, and she definitely becomes interested in him.  Their relationship develops very quickly (the book occurs over only a few days), but even with the rapid development of feelings, Pryal’s writing makes their relationship very real and believable.  The author paints a picture of Marlon making him seem so handsome, romantic, reliable, romantic, intelligent, and so on that it’s impossible to avoid falling for him as you read! Of course there is conflict and suspense, and you will be going crazy wondering what will happen next and in the end.

So here is what I loved about this novel:

  • Pryal’s brilliant, yet comfortable style of writing
  • Marlon!
  • This novel is different…  Not your typical main characters or story line.  I haven’t read anything like this novel.
  • Perfect blend of romance, suspense, emotion…
  • Fast-paced
  • Leaves you wanting more!

Here is what I did not love about this novel:

  • I don’t know what Daphne did to Greta and Timmy…  And unless the author takes pity on me, I will have to snag a copy of Entanglement to find out!

I absolutely, without any reservations, recommend this novel to anyone interested in a fantastic representation of women’s fiction/new adult/romance writing.  Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s writing is flawless and reel’s you in from the first page.  I am trying not to be bias because she is a North Carolina girl, as I once was, but she is a tremendous contribution to the writing community!  Chasing Chaos basically checks off all the boxes on the list of a great read, and I cannot wait to read more from this author in the future.  Even better, perhaps a sequel?  Continue Daphne and Marlon’s story?  Pretty please?

Want to know more about the author?  Visit her website at:

Disclaimer: I received this ARC from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.



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