Review: Smooched (Blue Collar Boys 1)

Smooched (Blue Collar Boys 1)

Author: Carol Rose

Publisher: Carol Rose Books; November 5 2015

 Are you in the mood for a feel-good read, with down to earth and lovable characters?  If so, then definitely check out Carol Rose’s first installment in the Blue Collar Boys series, Smooched.  This novel is the story of Case Thompson, who has just recently lost his brother and sister-in-law in an accident, and has been appointed guardian of their eight year old daughter, Kaylie.  Case and his brothers own an architectural salvage yard, therefore, he’s the hard-working, sexy type! Dr. Merritt Morgan is the twin sister of Kaylie’s deceased mom, and although she was estranged from her sister, Merritt is determined to get to know her sister’s young daughter.  Against her father’s wishes, Merritt takes a month-long vacation from her residency in a Manhattan emergency room, and heads to Atlanta hoping to get to know Kaylie. Case and Merritt do not start out on friendly terms, often mimicking a roller-coaster ride, but it doesn’t take long for the reader to feel the tension changing from dislike, to longing and desire.

There are several moments in this novel that pull at your heart-strings due to Kaylie losing both of her parents at such a young age, and there is some tension and conflict (of course!). Conflict aside, Smooched portrays characters that can rise to the occasion after a crisis, and work together for the benefit of family. I especially loved the killer tree house Case builds for his niece, because he says every kids should have a place where they are the boss, complete with furniture, kitchen, and a chandelier.  Case and the rest of the Thompson family are so funny and lovable picking and teasing with each other.  Once Case stops trying to fight Merritt, she fits right in with them all, engaging in the teasing and relaxed conversation.  Rose’s writing style flows easily and her use of imagery will have you picturing the characters and settings in your mind, and day-dreaming about which hot actors would play these brothers in a film adaptation!  I have only one negative about this book, other than it ending and I was wanting more of Case and Merritt, and that is the cover. There is nothing wrong with the cover and displays a man that is quite easy on the eye, however, I feel that if I were in a book store or library and saw this cover, that I would not pick up this book to find out what it was about.  Yes, Case is a hot and sexy guy, but I don’t think the cover image does the book justice.  Smooched isn’t your typical steamy romance novel, it contains a great deal of substance pertaining to families, love and loss, trust, and carrying on.

I absolutely recommend that my readers download or order Carol Rose’s Smooched! Throughout the ups and downs among these characters, it leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, yet prompts you to reflect on your own family and level of commitment.

Want to learn more about the author?  Visit her website at:

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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