The Reflections of Queen Snow White

The Reflections of Queen Snow White, by David Meredith

Publisher: David Meredith;  January 20, 2014

I’m sure you remember reading the fairy tale about Snow White as a child.  The wicked queen poisons her, Prince Charming comes along and kisses her, and everyone lives happily ever after…. David Meredith’s novel,  The Reflections of Queen Snow White, is not a sweet, happy re-telling of that fairy tale!  It is truly an amazing novel that takes Snow White’s story to the next level, prompting the question, do we create our own happiness or do others make us happy?

The novel begins with an aged Queen Snow White, depressed and withdrawn since the death of her beloved Charming.  The castle is buzzing with people and excitement in preparation for the Princess’ upcoming marriage.  Determined to avoid others, Queen Snow White ventures to an empty part of the castle and up into the tower, where she discovers a mirror.  No, Snow White does not ask the mirror who the fairest of them all is, instead she embarks on a journey of remembrance and self-reflection on her life.  Queen Snow White does not think she can be happy without her King, however, the mirror challenges her to examine her life and her happiness in order to determine the real root of her happiness.  The memories, reflections, and flashbacks vary from violence, sadness, joy, sickness, humor, and intimacy.   Meredith’s descriptive and straight-forward writing provides the reader with an entirely new outlook on the story of Snow White.  Additionally, this story is a reminder that even though we experience loss of loved ones, there is still life to be lived and joy to be had.

Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions while reading this novel.  There are moments when your heart aches for Snow White and the abuse she endured, then there are moments that you find yourself smiling and laughing.  Yes, this is new spin on an old fairy tale, but do not skip over this fantastic novel.  David Meredith has created an entertaining and unique story that is a beautiful example of language and writing, and I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this novel.  Here’s hoping to see more from this talented, imaginative author in the future!

Want to learn more about David Meredith?  Visit his website at:

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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