Book Review: Blown Away

Blown Away, by Brenda Rothert

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept, May 3, 2016

So…I have spent my Saturday completely immersed in Brenda Rothert’s latest novel, Blown Away.  I received this ARC awhile back from NetGalley and how I wish I would have bumped it to the front of my to-read list and read it sooner! Blown Away is the story of a young woman named Drew, who’s wonderful, storm-chasing fiance (Colby) dies early in the novel.  A year later, Drew bumps into one of Colby’s old storm-chasing friends, and is invited to join the group.  Drew decides to do something different, and takes a leap joining their team knowing nothing about tornadoes and storm-chasing. The reader quickly learns that Aiden, who was Colby’s best friend, has been crazy about Drew since he first saw her and Colby together years ago. Aiden is a handsome, mysterious, sexy rescue trainer, that also chases storms.  Yes, this novel is about Drew and Aiden with great suspense of will they or won’t they get together, but there is much more to this novel.  Drew has mourned and grieved, and feels ready to move on with her life, but guilt and sadness remain regarding the death of her fiance.  Aiden is not a relationship kind of guy, but has wanted Drew for a long time.  However, he wrestles with guilt over his feelings for Drew, as well as, feelings of not being worthy of someone like her.  Both of the main characters have suffered tremendous losses in their lives and are unsure if they want a relationship and the risks involved in loving someone, and Rothert made their journey an addictive one, prompting the reader to fly through this book to find out what happens!

This was my first time reading anything of Rothert’s so I can’t make comparisons of any kind to her other novels, nevertheless, I can say without reservation that this is a fantastic novel that I was unable to put down until finished.  Something about Rothert’s writing seemed very comfortable to read, almost as if you were right there in the conversation with the characters. There were no long, drawn-out descriptions of any of the characters, yet you could picture their faces and hear their voices while reading.  Not wanting to give any spoilers, as usual, but the camper scene with Aiden, the waitress, and Drew makes you feel as if you are right there!  I felt the same awkwardness and embarrassment as Drew, but also the same curiosity! I must add, however, that there are several similarities to the movie Twister.  The plot, conflict, etc. is not the same, but there are several instances where I was reading and thought that this novel was just like Twister.  Given that I know nothing about storm-chasing, however, there may only be so much one can write or say without mirroring that movie.

Anyway, I absolutely loved this novel and especially Aiden, whom it’s impossible not to love!  As I was nearing the end I started hoping that this was going to become a series, but then I came to the epilogue that provided a glimpse ten years into their future.  Although I loved what I read in the epilogue, it left me feeling as if I won’t see Aiden and Drew again in one of Rothert’s novels.  A girl can hope though, and I feel like they still have a lot of story left to be told! I hope my readers will grab this novel and dive in, because it will not disappoint!

Want to know more about the author?  Visit her website at:

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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