What am I reading??

Wondering what fabulous novels I’m planning to read this week?  Here is my planned list of reading for the week.  The first one is rolled over from last week, because I have had several days of internet issues, but the week should be something like this:

Nibblers Plus,  by Obinna Hendrix

Publisher: Obinna Hendrix; MAY 2, 2016


Synopsis: Nibblers

Telekinesis is the next phase of human evolution. Nibblers have this ability and literarily eat half the world’s population as a side effect of having their powers. They have lost all ability to speak, and communicate only through thought. They are a dangerous breed that can move objects by strength of thought. Humans must not only survive the flesh hungry Telekinetic Nibblers but also themselves, as they fight over dwindling supplies and territory.

Mandy is a Straggler, a lone wolf with no affiliations to any of the warring clans. She loots supplies from anywhere she can and hides from other people and the dreaded ruling fragment of the old government “Enterprise.”

How long can Mandy survive in a world where humans hate Stragglers and Nibblers want to eat anything that breathes?

Charlie & The Mixiegruff

An outsider, out on an ordinary day, somehow gets sucked into a crazy, dangerous, magical mirror world. He is soon attacked by harbingers of the darkness- Darkstalkers. Defenseless, Charlie is almost doomed to certain death, but for the intervention of an unlikely mythical hero who tries desperately to protect the drifter. Zoe, the Mixiegruff and Charlie don’t exactly get on well. She can’t stand him, even though there is something about him that keeps her drawn to him. She stands by him through his dangerous journey into the Marelands, as they fend off Ogres, Dark fairies and other mythical adversaries.


Braving It: A Father, a Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild, by James Campbell

Publisher: Crown Publishing; May 10, 2016

Braving It

Synopsis: Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, home to only a handful of people, is a harsh and lonely place. So when James Campbell’s cousin Heimo Korth asked him to spend a summer building a cabin in the rugged Interior, Campbell hesitated about inviting his fifteen-year-old daughter, Aidan, to join him: Would she be able to withstand clouds of mosquitoes, the threat of grizzlies, bathing in an ice-cold river, and hours of grueling labor peeling and hauling logs?

But once there, Aidan embraced the wild. She even agreed to return a few months later to help the Korths work their traplines and hunt for caribou and moose. Despite windchills of 50 degrees below zero, father and daughter ventured out daily to track, hunt, and trap. Under the supervision of Edna, Heimo’s Yupik Eskimo wife, Aidan grew more confident in the woods.

Campbell knew that in traditional Eskimo cultures, some daughters earned a rite of passage usually reserved for young men. So he decided to take Aidan back to Alaska one final time before she left home. It would be their third and most ambitious trip, backpacking over Alaska’s Brooks Range to the headwaters of the mighty Hulahula River, where they would assemble a folding canoe and paddle to the Arctic Ocean. The journey would test them, and their relationship, in one of the planet’s most remote places: a land of wolves, musk oxen, Dall sheep, golden eagles, and polar bears.

At turns poignant and humorous, Braving It is an ode to America’s disappearing wilderness and a profound meditation on what it means for a child to grow up—and a parent to finally, fully let go.

Time After Time: A heart-warming novel about love, loss and second chances, by Hannah McKinnon

Publisher:Maze; June 2, 2016

Time After Time

Synopsis: Time After Time is a fresh and funny work of women’s commercial fiction, which explores the romantic paths that could have been . . .
For fans of Laura Barnett and Dani Atkins, Hannah McKinnon has written a moving story that will resonate with any woman who has ever wondered, in a moment of frustration, “what if?”.
Hayley Cooper, a powerful but now struggling lawyer, fantasizes about what her life would be like if only if she’d made different choices. It’s understandable; the past two years have been hell. She barely sees her kids, her boss is trying to sabotage her, and her marriage is falling apart.
Burnt out, Hayley goes to sleep wishing for a different life. When she wakes up married to her first boyfriend, one she has not seen in over twenty years, she realizes there might be some truth in the saying “be careful what you wish for”. Over a single weekend, like Ebenezer Scrooge, Hayley gets to see her life on other side of the white picket fence – not just with her first ex, but with each of her past loves. But is the grass always greener, and will she ever want to go home?

Storm Rising, by Racheal Richey

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.; February 13, 2015

storm rising

Synopsis: Frontman of the grunge rock band NightHawk, Gideon Hawk has had enough of the rock star life. He is jaded, disillusioned, and haunted by the memory of an unresolved heartbreak. On a whim, he leaves the band in New York and heads to England in search of answers. After attending the funeral of her estranged mother, Abigail Thomson makes a shocking discovery in her parents’ attic. The still-raw memories that surface, along with even more startling discoveries, force Abi to face a devastating truth that leads to a series of life-changing events. She and Gideon must race against time to reclaim the life stolen from them a decade before.


Hope you have a great week and happy reading !




Book Review: Path of Jen: Bloodborne

Path of Jen

The Path of Jen: Bloodborne, by Sidney Wood

Publisher: Sidney A. Wood; 3 edition; February 26, 2016

Jena Ahmadi is a 16-year-old Texas girl born to parents of Iranian heritage.  Despite her mother’s apprehension, Jena’s father takes Jena to Iran to visit his family and learn more about the culture of Iran.  Very quickly in this novel there is a sort of black cloud looming over, as everyone repeatedly warns Jena to stay by their side and not get separated from her family. When Jena visits a shopping bazaar in the city with her aunt, however, she stops to look at something and gets lost.  Thus begins Jena’s nightmare of being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Sidney Wood’s new novel, The Path of Jen: Bloodborne, is a roller-coaster ride of suspense mixed with hope as Jena tries to adapt to her new life of slavery and stay alive. This gripping novel addresses issues relevant to our time not only with human trafficking and slavery, but with ongoing issues in the Middle East and involving ISIS.

Early in the novel, the reader learns that although raised in a Muslim home, Jena is a Christian, that had been sneaking to church with her friend’s family back in Texas. Frequently throughout the novel (sometimes too frequently) Jena prays and makes references to God saving her and keeping her alive. Once she meets an American Marine, the theme of Christianity and prayer seems to get even more prominent, at times making me wonder if this was a novel that would be classified as Religious/Inspirational Fiction. Anyhow, there is a long cast of characters in this novel all playing significant roles in the story.  The reader meets kidnappers, terrorists, slaves, military personnel, physicians, and a Senator – all of them either working to get Jena home or to keep her enslaved and use her as a symbol of terrorism. Jena’s character undergoes an incredible transformation throughout the novel, beginning as a typical 16-year-old girl, but becoming incredibly strong in survival skills and unusually brave.

This is not the typical type of novel that I would pick up to read, but I am very glad that I did.  Wood is a fabulous storyteller and knows how to pull the reader in with suspense and twists and turns.  I did not notice the “book 1” on the cover before reading, however, so when I reached the end I was so disappointed!  I am crossing my fingers that the sequel to this exciting novel will be coming very soon and look forward to reading more from Sidney Wood.

*I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Book Review: A SEAL’s Desire

Seal's Desire

A SEAL’s Desire (Uniformly Hot!), by Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze; June 1, 2016

Christian Laramie is a hot, talented, smart, and charismatic Navy SEAL originally from Texas.  Sammi Jo is the assistant manager of The Barclay Inn, engaged to the owner’s son, Sterling, and not in love with her future groom.  She has worked hard her entire life to overcome bad memories of her mother, and to move beyond her mother’s reputation. Christian is a legend with the ladies in both San Diego and Texas, determined to never settle down, and definitely not to fall in love. Sammi Jo doesn’t know what it’s like to be in love and certainly doesn’t understand why people put so much emphasis on sex, resigning herself to an acceptable marriage and life – but not love and passion. Just as Christian returns to his hometown during leave, Sammi Jo’s cheating fiance is kidnapped, and she is warned not to tell Sterling’s father or the police.  Knowing that Christian has returned and is at the family cabin, Sammi Jo pays a visit to her old friend asking for his help. Surprisingly to them both, there is immediate attraction and chemistry which awakens something within Sammi Jo, and stirs feelings in Christian that he never knew possible.

Tawny Weber has nailed it with this one! A SEAL’s Desire is not only a romance, but is a suspenseful story about two people realizing what they really want and being strong enough to go after it.  This novel is a fabulous portrayal of a woman that’s always agreed to what others want, then grows and transforms into someone assertive and passionate.  Sammi Jo is a character that you cheer for, just waiting for her to step up and tell it like it is! The Barclays, both father and son, are both very unlikable men.  The eldest Mr. Barclay is rude and demanding, whereas his son Sterling, is a liar and a cheater.  Sammi Jo’s friend Blythe, is another believable and likable character, but the other woman are fake and oblivious as to what Sammi Jo feels or wants. Weber’s new novel is very much a feel-good read as you watch Christian and Sammi Jo bringing out the best in each other, and watch them learn things about themselves that they never imagined.

A SEAL’s Desire is not some literary masterpiece to be taught in college courses by any means, however, the author’s writing, language, and characterization pull you in from the first paragraph.  This is a novel you will start and finish in one sitting, and will leave you longing for more of Christian and Sammi Jo in the near future.  I certainly hope that their story will continue!

Want to know more about the author?  Visit her webpage at:

*I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Book Review: The Island House

The Island House, by Nancy Thayer

Publisher:  Random House Publishing Group – Ballentine; May 31, 2016

The Island House

Do you ever want to just sit back with an overall feel-good book, and get lost in the story?  If so, this is the next book you should grab to take to the pool, a lake, or a beach. Nancy Thayer’s new novel, The Island House, is an easy, dreamy novel about a wealthy family on Nantucket, and all of those that are welcomed into their home each summer.

The Vickerey’s house on Nantucket hosts all of their children each summer, as well as, the closest friends of their children, what the matriarch, Susanna, refers to as her “summer children.” Courtney begins spending her summers on Nantucket with Robin Vickerey after they become best friends in college, and this tradition has continued for eleven years.  What no one knows about Courtney, however, is that she has been in love with Robin’s brother James since the first time she met him. As everyone is travelling to Nantucket to spend the summer at the Vickerey’s home and to celebrate Susanna’s sixtieth birthday , the reader is pulled in to an exciting read with a  huge cast of characters, subplots, and secrets.  Believe me when I say that there are too many characters to list and discuss in this review, luckily the author provides a “playbill” of sorts at the beginning of the novel to help understand who is who and what their connection is to the Vickereys. My instinct is to name Courtney as the main character of the novel, however, there is so much going on with her best friend Robin that it’s difficult to discern.  Robin graduated from Smith College with Courtney, but remains on the island with her parents, doing this or that, not demonstrating any great drive to do anything or be with anyone.  Other Vickerey children are Henry (brilliant, Bipolar physician), James (bad boy turned successful, handsome grown-up), and Iris (youngest child, clueless about her future).  Susanna, the mother, is a beautiful, joyful character, and the physician father is basically portrayed as a grump curmudgeon.  Even with the numerous characters and numerous personality types, the characters in this novel blend and interact well, demonstrating love, patience, and loyalty to one another.

Is this novel a life-changing literary masterpiece?  Not at all… However, this novel represents a light, feel-good read about a collection of people who are not only biological family, but chosen family that stand united during times both good and bad.  Overall, I feel like there were too many flashbacks and too much back information on too many characters for this novel.  At times, it became tiring following along with so many issues involving so many people. However, after reflecting awhile, I am thinking it may have been a brilliant idea in the event the author decides to make this a series.  Perhaps focusing on Henry and Valerie’s story next?  Or even Monty and Pearl?  Regardless, it was overwhelming at times. The other thing that drove me crazy was Robin and “her secret.” It’s not as if she was seeing and communicating with aliens from Mars or something, so I’m not sure what it was made to be such a huge deal.  That part truly annoyed me, although I liked her character.  To be perfectly honest, I sat down to start this novel three different times, and it was on the third attempt that I finally got pulled in and engrossed in the story.  However, for me personally the cast of characters at the beginning was overwhelming in a way, setting the tone for too much going on.

Was this my favorite read ever?  No, it was not.  Was it bad?  No, not at all!  Again, if you’re looking for a feel-good read at the lake or the beach, grab this and dive in. Thayer’s writing hooks you and engages you in the plot, and the ending leaves with you an overall happy, warm and fuzzy feeling. Like me, you have probably read and enjoyed Thayer before, instilling high hopes for The Island House.  If this novel becomes the first in a series, then I absolutely retract any negative criticism I’ve written, but if it’s a stand-alone, I’m not sure it works.

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  • I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


What am I reading??

Typically I do this at the beginning of the week…  However, I’ve been reading like crazy this week and trying to organize my TBR list.  So here is what I’m planning to read over the remainder of the week 🙂


The Island House, by Nancy Thayer

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Books; May 31, 2016

The Island House

Synopsis: Courtney Hendricks will never forget the magical summers she spent on Nantucket with her college roommate, Robin Vickerey, and Robin’s charismatic, turbulent, larger-than-life family, in their gorgeous island house. Now a college English professor in Kansas City, Courtney is determined to experience one more summer in this sun-swept paradise. Her reason for going is personal: Courtney needs to know whether Robin’s brother James shares the feelings she’s secretly had for him.

Time with the Vickerey family always involves love and laughter, and this season is no different. Vivacious matriarch Susanna Vickerey is celebrating her sixtieth birthday, but beneath the merriment, trouble is brewing. The family patriarch, Dr. Alastair Vickerey, is quiet and detached, while unspoken tension looms over oldest son Henry, a respected young surgeon. Warm and witty Robin, the most grounded of the siblings, is keeping a secret from her parents. Iris, the colorful baby of the brood, remains rudderless and in need of guidance. And the sexy, stunningly handsome, untouchable James—to Courtney’s dismay—may be in love with a beautiful and vibrant local artist. As the summer unfolds, a crisis escalates, surprising truths are revealed, and Courtney will at last find out where her heart and her future lie.

Weaving the trials and uncertainty of real life into a tapestry of passion, hope, and courage,The Island House is a beautifully told story about the ties that bind us—and how the blessings of love and family heal us in ways we never dream possible.


A SEAL’s Desire (Uniformly Hot!), by Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze; June 1, 2016

Seal's Desire


Subject: Petty Officer Christian “Cowboy” Laramie 

Mission: Locate a missing person…without seducing the man’s fiancée! 

Navy SEAL Christian Laramie knows everything about explosives, including how to avoid them. But he sure as hell isn’t prepared for Sammi Jo Wilson—all gorgeous red hair and long-legged sexiness—in a wedding dress, asking him to find her kidnapped fiancé. Yep, he is definitely dealing with one dangerous bombshell…

Laramie has a rep for thoroughly pleasing the ladies, but he’s not interested in emotional entanglements. He has rules—and engaged women are a definite no-no. Yet the searing heat between him and Sammi is like nothing he’s ever experienced. Each touch gets hotter. Each kiss more intense. And if Laramie can’t disarm this desire, it will blow up in the only way possible…in bed!


Path of Jen: Bloodborne, By Sidney Wood

Publisher: Sidney A. Wood; 3 edition; February 26, 2016

Path of Jen

Synopsis: Jen, is an all-American teenage girl who struggles with her Iranian heritage. Hoping she will connect with the culture and traditions he values, her father takes her to visit the land of his birth.
Her mother’s worst fears are realized when Jen is kidnapped and sold into modern day slavery.
Follow the story of an extraordinary young woman who refuses to be a victim. Cheer for her as she fights to stay alive and to ultimately find her way home.
Follow the Path of Jen.


Nibblers Plus,  by Obinna Hendrix

Publisher: Obinna Hendrix; May 2, 2016


Synopsis: Nibblers

Telekinesis is the next phase of human evolution. Nibblers have this ability and literarily eat half the world’s population as a side effect of having their powers. They have lost all ability to speak, and communicate only through thought. They are a dangerous breed that can move objects by strength of thought. Humans must not only survive the flesh hungry Telekinetic Nibblers but also themselves, as they fight over dwindling supplies and territory.

Mandy is a Straggler, a lone wolf with no affiliations to any of the warring clans. She loots supplies from anywhere she can and hides from other people and the dreaded ruling fragment of the old government “Enterprise.”

How long can Mandy survive in a world where humans hate Stragglers and Nibblers want to eat anything that breathes?

Charlie & The Mixiegruff

An outsider, out on an ordinary day, somehow gets sucked into a crazy, dangerous, magical mirror world. He is soon attacked by harbingers of the darkness- Darkstalkers. Defenseless, Charlie is almost doomed to certain death, but for the intervention of an unlikely mythical hero who tries desperately to protect the drifter. Zoe, the Mixiegruff and Charlie don’t exactly get on well. She can’t stand him, even though there is something about him that keeps her drawn to him. She stands by him through his dangerous journey into the Marelands, as they fend off Ogres, Dark fairies and other mythical adversaries.

Happy reading to everyone this week and watch for these reviews later 🙂


Review: The Shadows Behind Her Smile


The Shadows Behind Her Smile, by Karen Millie-James

Publisher: King Of The Road Publishing Limited; February 12, 2016

This morning I awoke to a beautiful, warm morning out on my deck.  After some coffee, I decided that I should sit out on the deck enjoying the sunny day and dig into another novel to review. I sat down with Karen Millie-James’ debut novel, The Shadows Behind Her Smile, and the next thing I knew three hours had passed and unfortunately I was finished with the novel.  Do you ever find yourself frustrated and almost pouting because you’ve reached the end of a novel?  Reaching the ending of this novel was so disappointing because I wanted this story to continue on and on!

The Shadows Behind Her Smile is about a Cydney Granger and her business as a corporate forensic specialist.  Cydney is well-respected in her field, successful, and also has abilities to communicate with the deceased (making things quite interesting).  Cydney lost her Special Forces husband (Steve) years earlier and now resides with her teenage twins, Sean (who served with her husband), and his daughter Sophie.  Those are some of the major players, but there is a long cast of characters also tightly wound into the plot, especially her new love interest, George.  When Cydney is contacted by a man recently deceased, she proceeds to try to help his widow re-gain control of the family business.  Additionally, she and her team and researching a potential business purchase for a long-time friend.  Between the two business investigations, she is also juggling an aging mother in a nursing home, a selfish sister that doesn’t help out, continued grief over losing her husband, and the prospects of dating and falling in love with someone new.  Needless to say, Cydney has a great deal going on, but she remains driven and committed to her work, family, and friends.  The narrator shifts in the novel from Cydney, Sean, Steve, George, and so on – however, these are not shifts causing confusion.  This is a complex novel with several subplots, however, it is not overwhelming with too much happening.  There were a few times that I got somewhat lost in the business talk about shares and holdings and investors, but I attribute that to my not being a business-minded person. You want to talk education, literature, etc., then I’m your girl.  Not so much with the business and financial stuff.

Anyway… Millie-James has crafted a fast-paced novel filled with crime, suspense, love, loss, and trust that you will not be able to put down once you’ve started.  The writing in this novel will propel you into the plot as if you are working with Cydney’s team on these investigations, instilling a longing for peace and resolution for several of the characters (and punishment for others).  If you are not typically a reader of crime/thriller/suspense fiction, forget you’re preconceived ideas and put this on your to-read list.  Luckily for all of us readers out there, Karen Millie-James is currently working on the follow-up to The Shadow Behind Her Smile, so stay-tuned for more of her eloquent and thoughtful writing.

Want to learn more about the author?  Visit:

*I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Book Review: East of Coker

east of coker

East of Coker, by Andy Owen

Publisher: War Writers’ Campaign, Inc.; April 7, 2016

When men and women return from a war, sometimes you see physical indications such as a missing limb or scars.  Other times, you may not see anything in particular, however, that doesn’t mean that they are not just as wounded.  Most people recognize the term PTSD and know now that it can apply to any traumatic experience. Andy Owen’s novel, East of Coker, goes beyond telling the stories of soldiers suffering from PTSD.  This outstanding novel is an examination of what defines us as people.

Based on the style and ideas of T.S. Eliot’s poem, The Waste Land, Owen’s novel is a complex and moving retelling of the effects of war.  The narration changes throughout the novel between an older man, a younger man, an aging woman on the brink of dementia, and a wife living in wartime Middle East. The novel begins rather somber, and honestly is confusing at times, but while reading you soon understand the changing of the narrators.  There is an old man, Arthur, who was in love, but upon returning from war a changed man, he pushed his true love away, and slipped into a life of self-isolation.  Then there is Isolde, who has lost her family – with whom she built a life after being pushed away by her love – and is realizing that her memory and thought processes are failing, but still remembers… The younger generation fighting a war is different, however, the reader still sees the similarities regarding fears, concerns, longing, and loss.

I am at a loss regarding how to summarize the plot of this novel or provide a synopsis.  However, I can say that the author has an immense love and passion for language.  The word choices, the flow of the writing, the imagery – are all amazing. As I said before, there were a few times I was literally lost and confused, going back to re-read paragraphs or pages, however, it wasn’t because of poor writing but because every single line is so meaningful. Regardless of the point of view or narrator, as the reader you will become immersed in their sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. The descriptive, vivid language in Owen’s writing is not something frequently seen.  From the beginning of the novel it is easy to infer that the author wants you to be the character, be the narrator, and feel what they felt.  My heart ached for Arthur and Isolde, as well as, all of the other characters in this novel subjected to the impact of war. East of Coker is not a light-hearted, casual read, however, it demands attention and significance due to the subject matter and amazing writing.  I am so very grateful to have been contacted by Andy Owen, and to have read this incredible novel.  If you have not had the opportunity to lose yourself in this beautiful novel, get it now.

All proceeds from this novel go to the War Writers’ Campaign to support veterans and their families.  To learn more, visit:

*I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Book Review: Imperfect


Imperfect, by Rebecca Barray and Tobi Doyle

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group; December 16, 2015

In the mood for some romance??  If so, you must read Rebecca Barray and Tobi Doyle’s fantastic romance novel, Imperfect.  This book is a wonderful blend of romance, desire, steamy chemistry, and a bit of suspense.  The story is about Sophie, a recent transplant to the San Francisco area from the Midwest, beginning a new job as a chef for a large company.  As Sophie suffers through a loud, crowded club one  night (and too-tight shoes), she is literally swept off of her feet by the handsome, rich, and successful William Peterson. William is instantly taken by Sophie, and is more than eager to help with her any and everything (transportation, housing, roommates, and so on), however, Sophie is initially reluctant.  William does initially appear controlling, and has some controlling moments throughout the novel, however, this novel is a fast-paced story of two people falling head over heels for one another.   Of course, I hate to include any spoilers, but be prepared for major chemistry between these two characters, sweet and tender moments, and also some intense and suspenseful moments.

Personally, I fell for William almost immediately.  He’s huge and tall and rich and powerful – but it takes very little time to realize how truly sensitive and sweet that he is. Sophie’s character is extremely likable as well. Sophie has experienced violence before and suffers from PTSD, yet still exudes a sense of strength and independence (even with William being very overprotective). So yes, I loved the main characters (really, all of the characters) and I loved the plot and story line…  The thing that blows my mind about this wonderful romance novel is that it is co-authored!  Prior to reading, I communicated with Tobi via email regarding reading and reviewing the book.  I received it, downloaded it, and started reading.  It was not until after I finished reading and was beginning this review, that I realized that it was co-authored by Rebecca Barray and Tobi Doyle.  You may be thinking, “yeah, so?” but I had no idea while reading that there were two authors.  This novel is written so smoothly, alternating between Sophie and William’s perspectives, and I never had the slightest inclination that there were two authors, which to me, is incredible!  I have read a few co-authored novels, and I always felt like you could tell where one left off and the other began, but not in this case.

Imperfect has its ups and downs making you want happily ever after for the characters and is truly a page-turner.  If you want a romance that is unique, well written, and leaves you wanting more – get this novel!   My only negative thought at all, is that I’m left wondering if this will be the first in a series, or if this is it??  I could personally go for plenty more regarding William and Sophie, but there are the other characters like Quinn, Kelly, and Jack…  There has to be a story there! Cheers to Barray and Doyle for creating such a fabulous romance!

Want to know more about the authors?  Learn more about Rebecca Barray at: and also

Learn more about Tobi Doyle at:

*I received this novel from the author(s) in exchange for an honest review.


Book Review: RED: A Love Story

RED-A Love Story-cover

RED: A Love Story, by Nicole Collet

Publisher: Something or Other Publishing, LLC; March 30, 2016

Author Nicole Collet has a long history involving language, including: Chinese, French, Portuguese, and English. The moment you being reading her novel, RED: A Love Story, it is impossible to ignore her love and grasp of language and beautiful words.  Collet’s debut novel is part romance, part erotica and weaves a fabulous tale of love and self-discovery.

Marisa is 18 years old and finishing high school in Brazil, and becomes completely enamored when Marco becomes her new literature teacher. Marco is 29, divorced, handsome, and shares Marisa’s passion for words and literature. As suspected, it doesn’t take long until they can no longer fight the chemistry between them, despite the obstacles to their relationship. Marisa soon discovers that not only do they share a passion for language, they also share a passion for acting out erotic fantasies.  This is what makes this such a unique story of a young woman falling in love and coming of age – Marisa is just as fascinated with exploring sexual fantasies as Marco, and as they explore one another, the bond between them deepens. Yes, there are times when I wasn’t happy while reading this, but only because things were not going how I wanted, lol!  But what is a good novel without conflict and suspense??

Moving on, because I don’t like to or want to include any spoilers, this is truly not a typical romance/erotica novel.  Each of Collet’s characters are unique and complex in their own way, some are likable, others are not! A wonderful thing about Marisa and her best friend Valentina, is that they are so incredibly intelligent! Sexual fantasy exploration or not, the author did a beautiful job portraying both of these young women as smart, attractive, and extremely well-read. While reading this novel, you will experience romance, humor, steamy love scenes, anger, sadness, and suspense.  However, the beautiful writing and language is what will make you want to read this in one sitting and not stop until the last page. Keep in mind, also, that the author wrote this novel in both English and Portuguese, which makes it even more amazing.  To say that I love this novel, is an enormous understatement.  The characters, the plot, the writing style, and the language all left me wanting more from this author and has me very excited to read RED 2 when published. If you are looking for a fresh, new author to try – read Nicole Collet’s RED: A Love Story.  Be prepared to fall in love with the author and this amazing story.

Want to learn more about Nicole Collet?  Visit her webpage at:

*I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

9-ride-supreme beings

1-Drink this moment-CORRECTED


Book Review: Traveler’s Hot L


Traveler’s Hot L, by C.R. Downing

Publisher: Koehler Books; March 15, 2014

If someone were to ask me if I were a science fiction/fantasy fan, I would typically reply with “not really,” or “it’s ok.”  However, today I had the pleasure of reading C.R. Downing’s Traveler’s Hot L, and discovered that I am a sci-fi fan after all!

This novel is a compilation of 8 chapters (short stories) centering around the Traveler’s Hot L and the concept of time travel. Each of the stories is different, and contains characters travelling through time for very different reasons.  The characters common to all of the stories are Chronos and Eternity, who manage/own the Hot L, and prepare the travelers prior to departure and assist them upon return.  Other common characters to all of the stories are Enoch, Tempus, and a man in the mist, who basically work at ensuring that there are no wrinkles in time, and also provide opportunities, or quests, for people to visit other time periods to correct various issues.

I certainly don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun in reading this novel, but there is an incredible variety in characters and plot in each of the chapters.  They range from going back to solve crimes, a simple vacation back in time, counterfeiting money, to ensuring that a child is conceived and a bloodline is carried on.  This novel is unique in that each of the stories is so different from the other, yet there are commonalities which provide the reader with a smooth transition from story to story.  As I read through this novel, I found myself excited to find out what the next story would be, and was genuinely disappointed once I realized I had finished them all.

C.R. Downing is a creative and amazing storyteller that knows how to draw in the reader and keep them wanting more.  Knowing that Downing spent most of his life as a teacher, I can imagine him sharing stories with his students, gaining their attention and respect because of his imagination and animation.  Anyone that is presently a sci-fi fan should absolutely pick this novel up, it will not disappoint!  For those of you, like myself, that wouldn’t normally choose a sci-fi novel to read – give this a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.  I can now officially refer to myself as a fan of science fiction, and look forward to reading more of C.R. Downing in the very near future!

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*I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.