Review: Perfectly Loved

Perfectly Loved, by Lacey Silks

MyLit Publishing; February 21, 2016

Perfectly Loved, is Lacey Silks’ final novel in the ‘Perfectly’ series, and tells the story of Dave and Millie.  This was my first novel by Silks, and unfortunately I haven’t read the prequel and other novels in this series.  Nevertheless, this novel can be read as a stand-alone and their story is easy to follow!

Millie has grown up with a very challenging past suffering through separation from family and bouncing around the foster system.  Dave comes from a happy home with his Dad and sister, although his mother passed away years earlier.  When Millie moves to a new foster home and starts at a new school, she immediately captivates Dave and all of his attention.  Thus begins a whirlwind of romance, love, sadness, frustration, happiness, and so on! This novel is narrated by both Millie and Dave, but also jumps back and forth from present day, to childhood, to 12 years earlier, to 8 years earlier, etc.  It seems that recently I’ve been reading quite a few novels that jump back and forth like this, however, Silks provides the reader with a deeper understanding of the bond between Dave and Millie by switching time periods.

Besides the element of romance and some hot, spicy moments between Dave and Millie, this novel also has many characteristics of a suspense or thriller.  There are several instances of putting the reader on edge and wondering what will happen next, and honestly some tense, almost creepy moments.  One of the “surprises” in the story line was not so surprising to me, however, there are still quite a few twists and turns that you will not see coming! At first I struggled with getting into this story and really investing in it, but after just a few chapters I was completely hooked on this novel! I must admit that I fell in love with Dave almost from the beginning (although he does screw up a few times), and just as equally despised the bad guy in the story.  Silks’ imagery and characterization really brings everyone to life in this novel, making you feel as if you are watching a movie rather than reading a book.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and especially enjoyed a lot about Silks’ writing style. She doesn’t over-elaborate, but also provides the reader enough detail to reel you in and make you just fly through this novel to find out what happens! My only negative feedback is that this was the end of the series, leaving me wanting to know much more about Dave and Millie.

Want to learn more about Lacey Silks?  Visit her website:

Disclaimer: I received this novel courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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