Review: Fearless For Love

Fearless For Love, By Clara Stone

Red Coat PR, April 15, 2016

Romance; New Adult; Suspense

First of all, author Clara Stone knocked it out of the park with this novel!  I sat down yesterday and planned on reading for just a little while, and then moving on to other things for the day.  Three hours later, I was engrossed in this novel and shooing away my husband so that I could finish it!  This was my first time reading any of Clara Stone’s novels and I will most definitely be adding more of her work to my reading list!

Fearless For Love is an outstanding mix of romance and suspense, captivating readers with the story of Harrington Lovelly and Jessica Owens. Remember, I hate spoilers, so let me try to summarize this as best I can without giving things away! Harrington is a sexy, built, arrogant fighter, who meets Jessica one day while trying to skip rocks at a river.  Jessica is somewhat new to town, working at a restaurant/bar, and trying to join a local band as their drummer.  Harrington and Jessica come from significantly different backgrounds, and neither are looking for or confident about love. Stone delivers non-stop action throughout this story of Harrington and Jessica, revealing endless secrets, twists, and turns! There are definitely frustrating moments between the characters, where you wish they would just get together or leave each other alone.  This novel is so different from a normal romance, at times reading more like a crime thriller, but then still throwing in some serious romantic tension and some steamy bedroom scenes!

While I was reading this novel, the author’s vivid language painted a picture of Channing Tatum in my mind as Harrington.  Not sure that’s what she was going for, but her detailed descriptions of his physique, conversation style, smiles, and so on made me thing of Channing Tatum.   I found myself imagining different actors and actresses in all of the parts of this novel while reading it, just because I was so consumed with the variety of characters and the continual twists and turns revealing more and more about each of them.

I recommend this book without any hesitation if you are looking for a romance with a twist.  This really is not just a chick’s book, in that I could easily see men enjoying this novel just as much as women.  Cheers to Clara Stone for developing this diverse mixture of romance and suspense, making her stand out as an author.

Visit the author’s website:

Disclaimer: I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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