Review: Where We Fall

Where We Fall, by Rochelle B.Weinstein

Lake Union Publishing: April 19, 2016

where we fall

I just finished reading a wonderful fiction novel by Rochelle B. Weinstein, Where We Fall. I was not familiar with this author prior to reading this book, but I ended up completely engrossed, dying to figure out what had happened and what was yet to come with these characters.

Where We Fall tells the story of Abby, Lauren, and Ryan.  The three of them become best friends in college, but Lauren and Ryan are also deeply in love. The first page flashes back to the three of them in 1997 while still in school, and immediately transports you to carefree time spent with your own friends as young adults – and reminds you of that feeling that nothing could ever come between you.  Fast forward to 2014 and you discover Ryan and Abby are married with a 16-year-old daughter.  Abby has long been suffering from severe depression, Ryan is a much-loved football coach, their daughter Juliana has fallen in love for the first time, and Lauren is absent.  This novel is written from perspectives of: Ryan, Abby, Lauren, and Juliana, with each chapter being narrated by a different character. This novel takes the reader on a romantic yet painful journey about lost love, marriage, family roles, and the impact of lies and betrayal.

Some things that I loved about this book:

  • The open, honest look into Abby and how lies and dishonesty can destroy a person’s life (almost reminded me of Rev. Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter, and how his guilt slowly killed him)
  • The accurate and honest depiction of a family living with severe depression
  • The different perspectives presented by each of the characters
  • Ryan’s struggle between doing the right thing and following his heart
  • Weinstein’s vivid language and writing
  • The setting of the novel – being born in Asheville, NC I loved the mentions of Looking Glass Falls, Linville Falls, Beech Mountain, etc 🙂

Some things I didn’t love as much:

  • Lauren’s character, in general.  Yes, she had been betrayed, but when she returns she is a borderline stalker at times!
  • Juliana and her over-the-top love for E.J. sometimes felt like a little much for a 16-year-old
  • The ending!  Was it a happily ever after fairy tale?  I assume so, but it drives me crazy when I’m not sure!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this novel. Weinstein hooks the reader from the beginning and pulls you into the lives of these characters.  I was instantly invested in this novel and flew through the pages eager to find out what had happened between these best friends so long ago, and what decisions they would make about the future.  I look forward to reading more from this wonderful author in the future!

Disclaimer: I received this from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


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