Review: The Scattered and the Dead (Book 0.5)

Authors: Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus

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  • Publisher: Smarmy Press (February 2, 2016)
  • Publication Date: February 2, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

And now for something totally different!  I’ve been reading a lot of romance novels lately, but then was asked to read The Scattered and the Dead in exchange for an honest review. I am so glad that I’ve discovered Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus, and that I discovered this incredible book! I was already quite a zombie fan, but I loved how this book gives a first person glimpse into the beginnings of a post-apocalyptic society.  The novel is written in a series of letters from a guy named Decker, to the nameless girl living across the hall.  Decker is agoraphobic, never leaves his apartment (obviously, being agoraphobic), yet has done very well financially at a young age.  Very early on, the reader gets a gory flashback involving Decker’s mother, and it continues on with vivid, chilling descriptions of what Decker sees, hears, and even smells each day from his apartment window.  The only thing the reader knows for certain is that Decker is alone – and I mean, very alone.

Decker continues his letters daily, although he is too shy to approach the girl across the hall.  Through these letters, the reader learns all of the ways the outside world is changing, as well as, ways that Decker is changing.  Decker prepares meticulously, gathers supplies, and demonstrates a variety of survival and gathering skills while in his apartment (and gets very accustomed to being around dead bodies!).  Eventually, Decker must face his internal fears in order to learn more about what is going on around him and to increase his chances of surviving.  The transformation of Decker from beginning to end of the novel is remarkable, yet occurs naturally as you are reading.  He is such a normal, everyday guy in certain ways, but definitely grows throughout the story.

While reading this book, my emotions ranged from laughing hysterically, being grossed out, and even sadness for Decker. This is not an average zombie book, but more of a glimpse into the heart and soul of someone who manages to keep it all together while the rest of the world is falling apart. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read this book and loved every minute of it!  Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus are authors that I definitely want to read more of!


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