Review: Last Resort Love

Last Resort Love

Last Resort Love
Kindle Edition, 182 pages
Author(s): Holly Cortelyou (Goodreads Author)
Edition language: English
This week I had the great pleasure of receiving a copy of Last Resort Love, from author Holly Cortelyou, and there are no words to describe how excited I am to see what she brings us next! Last Resort Love introduces readers to Krissa and Nick, set in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  Krissa has not been lucky in love, and decides to pack up and start over in a small hamlet near Vail, CO.  Krissa has landed a new teaching position, left her family behind, and is looking to start a new life – without a man!  Fate steps in, however, and has her living dangerously close to her handsome landlord Nick, a local resort owner.  From here, the author takes the reader on a romantic, funny journey as Krissa acclimates to her new hometown, come to terms with things from her past, and tries to resist Nick’s flirtation.
I am not a fan of spoilers so I don’t want to carry on too much about the plot, but trust me this is a wonderful romance novel that you should not miss!  Not only do you immediately become attached to the main characters, Nick and Krissa, but the author provides the reader with an addictive balance of romance, regrets, family, and willingness to take chances.  It is very difficult to not see some of your own family in this novel – whether good or bad (I unfortunately identified with several, lol), but it will have you cheering for Nick and Krissa just that much more!  Holly Cortelyou reminds us in this novel that disappointments in our pasts, do not have to dictate our futures, especially when it comes to love!
Every once in awhile I come across an author so fabulous that I want to find everything they’ve ever written and watch for the next novel to come out – and this is one of those times.  Holly Cortelyou flawlessly provides readers with romance and realism in this novel that you will read in one sitting from start to finish!

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