Review: Scarecrow’s Dream

Scarecrow’s Dream, by Flo Fitzpatrick

Samhain Publishing; Romance, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

Pub date June 21, 2016

Where to being with this one?  First of all, bravo to Flo Fitzpatrick for a great novel that literally had me hooked from the first page!  Scarecrow’s Dream is a funky mix of romance, fantasy, politics, theater, and societal norms. The novel centers around Holly Malone, and her journey of supernatural self-discovery after being in a motorcycle accident and returning to her apartment 43 years later. Holly has a fabulous old aunt who’s eccentric but open-minded personality is both comforting and funny at the same time.  Holly’s aunt begins trying to fill in the gaps for Holly regarding the past 43 years, as Holly experiences flashbacks and memories events leading up to the night of the accident.  Not far into the novel, the reader meets Holly’s former love and handsome actor, Shane Halloran.  Together, Holly and Shane (with help from crazy Aunt Adelaide) reconnect with people from their past to try to make sense of what happened, and to determine who was responsible.

I was really loving Holly throughout the entire novel! She’s strong-willed, an activist, a romantic, and longs for equality and acceptance of her interracial romance.  Shane, well, I liked Shane.  However, I did find myself having some issues with Mr. Shane Halloran and they all can be linked to my desire for chivalry and romance!  There are a few times during the novel where I find myself wanting him to step up and be “the man” or “the protector,”  but overall, his good looks, intelligence, and charm still won me over 🙂

If you are searching for romance with a mix of substance and fantasy, then check out this novel by Flo Fitzpatrick, it is a page turner that leaves you wondering what happened next for these characters.

FTC Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.




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