Review: A Thousand Salt Kisses

A Thousand Salt Kisses, by Josie Demuth

Wise Ink Creative Publishing; Romance, Teens, & Young Adult

Pub date: April 29, 2016


Attention lovers of young adult romance, this is one you’re going to want to read!  Josie Demuth’s, A Thousand Salt Kisses, is a wonderful combination of fantasy, romance, and the good and bad of being a teenager.  This story is about Crystal and her family that recently moved to Starfish Island.  Crystal is trying to make friends and feel comfortable, but everything  changes for her one night in the ocean, when she first meets Llyr.  Thus begins an unexpected summer romance, along with a plot that addresses several current issues for teenage girls everywhere!  This novel covers first love, sexuality, friendship triangles, parents separating, and even  relevant environmental issues.

There were times while reading this novel that things almost seemed too unrealistic to me, however, I think this book is perfect for the age group for which it is intended.  There’s not a young girl anywhere, or grown woman for that matter, that hasn’t experienced some of the emotions that Crystal experiences.  Moreover, I think that we’ve all wished for our own Llyr to appear at some point in our lives 🙂

After reading this book, I felt myself wanting more from the story’s main characters, Crystal and Llyr. Although vampire and werewolf young adult romances have been dominant for years (which I love, let me clarify!), this book grabbed my attention because it is a fresh and unique tale of star-crossed lovers.  After digging around, I realized there is a sequel to this novel, and I most definitely have added it to my reading wish list!

FTC Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.



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